Restaurant Security Systems

You’ll get complete security for your restaurant from Sonitrol WNY. We have protected restaurants since 1976 and offer tailored electronic security solutions to protect your building from vandalism or theft. We even have solutions to monitor cooler and freezer temperatures 24/7, alerting you immediately of any rise in temperature to protect your valuable inventory. From installing an environmental monitoring system to enhancing restaurant’s intrusion detection, we do it all.

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Complete Security

Sonitrol WNY protects your restaurant when you’re open for business and after hours.

  • Sonitrol WNY can monitor movement indoors and outdoors with security cameras. This deters internal theft, damage or destruction of property, and discourages vandalism.
  • Sonitrol WNY alarms are sound-based — not motion-based — so we are able to hear a break-in in progress and report live details to the responding police. Hear our audio sensors in action.
  • Our intrusion protection also includes panic buttons that can be strategically placed throughout the restaurant — at the register, in the manager’s office, or in the walk-ins.
  • Losing a freezer full of food because of a malfunction can cost you thousands. Sonitrol WNY’s temperature monitoring devices, along with its smoke, heat and fire detectors, protect your business from loss or injury.

With locations in Buffalo, Rochester, and Toronto a security expert is never far away to respond to incidents or questions.

Unsurpassed Expertise

Sonitrol WNY protects people and property by restricting unauthorized access during and after regular hours, by monitoring vulnerable areas of the building with cameras, and by preventing fire and water damage via smoke and temperature monitoring.

Sonitrol WNY’s security solutions are easy to use, allowing you to go online to grant or withdraw access to individuals, and view live surveillance footage anytime, anywhere. We have teams in the Buffalo, Rochester, and Toronto ready to respond to your questions and concerns.