Church Security Systems

Unfortunately, even churches are targets for criminals. In fact, criminals view faith-based organizations as an easy target because of their open and welcoming environment … easy to get in and out.

The best way to safeguard against crime is to monitor your facility and to protect it with comprehensive security solutions.

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Unsurpassed Expertise

Sonitrol WNY works with faith-based organizations in Buffalo, Rochester, and Toronto, and has done so since 1976. We know your organization is different and we won’t try to sell you a “one size fits all” security plan. We’ll work with you to tailor a security system to fit your unique needs.

Your security challenges have changed. Our systems meet the needs of businesses confronting today’s threats. Criminals understand how traditional alarms work. One out of four forced entries nationally is by means other than doors and windows, circumventing conventional perimeter protection. Sonitrol WNY’s audio sensors provide complete coverage for a facility and our operators are expert sound analysts who can often detect threatening activity before someone gets inside. Our systems catch criminals.